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Team Of Tech Enthusiasts Solving Business Problems

We are Proseraa, an agile and proficient Salesforce™ Gold Consulting Partner with a collaborative mind-set towards working, building and scaling businesses for clients with the best cloud computing technologies, within the shortest possible time. We call our fabulous professionals, Proserians.

Prosera is now part of InspireXT

InspireXT is one of the Top 10 Supply Chain Management Services Providers in the UK & Europe. InspireXT deliver transformational Supply Chain Solutions enabled by Oracle Cloud Technology, complemented by our IP Assets and customers’ existing technology investments.

InspireXT bring together end-to-end Supply Chain & Customer experience business processes and technology expertise to deliver tangible outcomes for organizations.

InspireXT Consulting Ltd

To be a trusted partner of choice to clients globally with the best cloud-based offerings, from the world’s best cloud computing platforms.


To reduce the go-to-market time for clients with advanced cloud-based technologies that align perfectly to their business objectives and deliver the best outcomes for their business.



We are actively responsible for every interaction, deliverable and outcome to our clients. Our primary goal is to walk the talk, and do everything we can to solve problems that come in the way of reaching our goal. When we say yes to a project, we own it.

Customer Success

Clients are at the heart of our company, and in their success is ours. Customer Success for us is about putting the client and their customers first. We are committed to help our clients overachieve their business goals, irrespective of the size, complexity or challenges of a project.

Respect for All

Everyone is equal in a team, notwithstanding their role or designation or personal background. Our colleagues and friends at work value one another for their diversity, talent, cultural upbringing, personal interests, abilities and individuality with respect and inclusivity.

Work with Passion

Our passion for doing good work is our North Star. We believe in keeping our energy levels high at all times, and our sights on the prize which is the true satisfaction of our clients. We are happiest when we work towards lofty goals with a ‘never say die’ attitude.

Learn, grow and share

We are young and dynamic, and we will grow not just in size, but also capabilities. We will inculcate and nurture the spirit of learning as a path to professional growth, and in our efforts to succeed as individuals also, we will help others by sharing our knowledge and teaching new skills.

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Partner of Choice

Why Choose Proseraa?

Proseraa partners with clients extensively. Our professionals work closely with client teams to understand their business challenges and goals before providing solutions.

What sets us apart is our ability to align leading cloud technologies like Salesforce™ perfectly to a client’s business goals, and deliver the best possible outcomes. We work on creating custom solutions rather than pushing technologies as is to clients.

When we craft solutions, they are clearly targeted to meet specific requirements such as:

Improving sales pipeline
Providing better service to customers
Building a community
Improving productivity
Reinventing IT processes
Gaining market leadership
Increasing productivity and revenue
Reducing risk
Optimizing inter-department collaborations

For businesses that are moving from legacy systems to the cloud, Proseraa prioritizes risk mitigation as part of the strategy. We view a client’s business as a dynamic, evolving and growing entity that requires due diligence at every step. We mitigate risks at every level from Day 1 to enable a seamless and secure transfer of applications to a reliable cloud platform of choice.


Our Collaborations

Proseraa collaborates with the industry’s most trusted cloud computing companies to provide clients with access to cutting-edge, advanced technologies like Salesforce™ backed up with the best-in-class technical support. Our partners are our backbone, and we work extensively and closely with them to stay ahead of the latest developments and market trends.


Salesforce™ Gold Consulting Partner

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