Flexisales Inc.

Flexisales offers services to SMBs and large enterprise companies in the B2B space that are striving to meet the challenge of identifying new opportunities and customers. They have extensive experience in generating quality leads in volume for niche and/or generic technologies.

With over 300 resources working for us across two locations in, Las Vegas & Pune, in just 7 years, Flexisales has emerged as one of the largest sales and marketing support companies in the world.


Flexisales was faced with major issue on 3 fronts – Manual processes, lack of visibility and in-flexible tools for complex and ever changing requirements of the customer.

No proper Lead Tracking mechanism tagged to campaigns.

The Service team was spending a lot of time on non-customer facing activities like looking for contact info as there was not single source of truth.

All updates were maintained in Excel sheets as there was no Automation.

Final leads output to Customers could not be trusted.

Management had no visibility to track the performance of Teams.

Difficulty tracking of interactions/status of leads, no single view of all leads and SLA monitoring at every department.

Proactive Reports & Dashboards.


Centralized data management of all Accounts and Contacts – Single source of Truth.

Implemented best practices of Customer Service processes like – Queue management to determine SLA at every checkpoint.

Built Mass Lead Conversion component.

Implement mass Objectives & Key Results management.

Salesforce Survey Management to manage the Call Scripts for the tele callers.

Used Sites to build exclusive Web to lead branded screens.

Complete Invoicing and Billing management.


Better tracking of Campaign Management ROI.

Real-time Visibility of Information to Decision makers.

Improved Agent productivity and speed of lead management.

Create, Maintain/Track & Grow intimacy with Customers.

Enable the teams to Improve Productivity & Efficiency of operation.

Drive Management by Objectives for key Business divisions such as Telecalls, Quality Audit & MIS Executives.

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