Game Design Company

A Game Design Company dealing with AR/VR, IoT, AI and other emerging.

They had large no. of leads and poor management of them resulted in losing key deals along with the sales deals analytics.

They offer end-to-end solutions in both native and cross-platform for those looking to hire app, game development companies experienced in Unity3D, Cocos2d-X, PlayCanvas, Unreal, Xamarin, hybrids app development frameworks and well specialized in AR, VR & IoT solutions.


    • Difficulty in assigning large number of Prospects to the sales users based on territory.
    • Difficulty in blocking of Public domain list (eg. Yahoo, Gmail, outlook etc.) the multiple public domain all over the world that need to block.
    • Difficult in capturing Account Domain with its Named accounts (e.g. Admin(Rudy) blocked “” account and a contact assigned ( to Rani. If anyone try to add lead/contact of it will add to Ac but will not add to the “Cartic” ownership and view. instead it will create contact at “Wipro company account” and the owner for all the domain email address will be with Rani and sit in Rani’s ownership/view. Uploader cannot access or edit.).
    • Wanted to Send mails from salesforce end via SendGrid SMTP Provider, an activity should be locked in salesforce and Send grid
    • Difficulty in setting up Quota for each user each quarter.
    • Difficulty in Analytics of sales rep’s performance and pipeline each quarter.


    • Prospects assigned became easy to specific user with assignment rules of territory.
    • Enabled with a customized trigger solution to block leads with public domain list of around 3700.
    • Account Domain : Capturing Account Domain by using formula and blocking the account already exist using duplicate rule.
    • Integrated SendGrid (SMTP) with salesforce using send relay so that email would be send from salesforce via SMTP and activity get logged in both the case.
    • Using quota management system admin can assign user with the targets for the month and quarter.
    • Using Reports and dashboard Sales reps can view their own pipeline for the quarter and targets to achieve. Also for a management person he can view his team pipeline and target VS actual for each person.

Process Flow