Knowledge Lens

Knowledge Lens provides a collection of Lens that automates and simplify the discovery of hidden insights from Big Data.

Their mission is to turn the dark data to meaningful business insights. They are Big Data Technology Geeks with extensive Industry expertise with wide range of Big Data Projects ranging from Big Data Engineering to Data Science.


    • Knowledge Lens current technology stack was unable to support their growing business pipeline.
    • Collecting, tracking and analyzing expenses, sales meeting records, customer data, ROI of acquiring a customer and turning it into valuable insights was manual, time consuming and prejudiced.
    • The legacy solution lacked the ability to add product send quotes and add approvals for quotes that was hampering sales growth.
    • Unable track margins which they can sell of the products called Glens, Mlens and AiIens which was been sell to the customer.


    • Our implementation team architected a holistic digital transformation solution that allows the sales teams to maintain a healthy pipeline and continually move leads through to conversion.
    • With the implementation of Salesforce web to lead feature, the client now has a 360 degrees view of the sales process and they’re able to track every lead from quote to cash.
    • Sales teams now create quote PDFs in real-time using quotes and Quote Line Editor ,as soon as the quote is been created then an approval process is been send automatically to the reporting manager for approval.
    • Currently Quote Line Editor is now tracking margins of each products which is been quoted to customer , and reports which pull up each opportunity, quotes with its margin.

Process Flow