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Case Study

Country : INDIA/USA

Environment : Sales & Service Cloud


Leads & deals lost because of no visibility in any sales stage.

No real time tracking and priority setting of the leads, opportunities for the top management view.

Managing renewals and contracts is a major challenge.

No view on Upsell/cross.

Using WhatsApp for Collaboration.

Manage and track the cases raised by customers.

Managing projects, their timelines and budget of each is difficult.

Creation of Quotes and approval process.


Lead Management modules allows users capture leads coming from Web To Lead.

Track Sales reps activities across accounts to show performance.

Use of Contract management for renewal process.

Providing an inbuilt process.

Providing Chatter internal groups to collaborate with various teams.

Using case console to get a view of case status and to track the same.

Provide project management to get insight of project details.

Quote management and approval process.


Complete control over Leads and Accounts. In case of Lead /deal lost, communication information is available Improved sales pipeline visibility.

Management has total visibility into the sales reps activities.

More accurate production and delivery of contracts.

Better visibility on related products to sell.

Keeping all teams coordinated because each team has a Chatter group.

Improved customer experience because of service teams being able to track entire case report.

Complete visibility on project and able to track deadlines and budget.

Reduced delays for approval.


Salesforce™ Integration

Custom App

Sales Process

Service Process

Salesforce™ Migration


Process Flow

Project Task
Gant Chart
Case Management
Reports & Dashboards

Salesforce™ Certified Professionals

Our developers, who hold multiple certifications, are experienced in handling projects across different industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Hi-Tech, Education, Real Estate and Non-Profit, and of varying sizes. Many of them have multiple certifications and are capable of working on large domestic and international projects.

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